SocksIP Tunnel APK: Configuration and Servers



NameSocksIP Tunnel APK: Configuration and Servers

 A few days ago I found a video on YouTube (which I will leave below) where you could see how to connect to the internet for free in the Personal Argentina company. That is why I wanted to do a tutorial explaining the entire process that is done.

The method works only for the Personal operator in all countries, however it may work in your telephone company in your country, it is a matter of you trying it.

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How to configure SocksIP Tunnel apk

The following video shows step by step how this app should be used on any smartphone with Android system, I hope it will help you a lot.

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Do we need to connect SocksIP Tunnel?

The first step is to download the application from the Play Store , below you have a direct link to download the app. It works on cell phones and Android tablets with a chip.

SocksIP Tunnel

SocksIP Tunnel

Price: Free 

The second step consists of downloading the server (file with the configurations), for this we will have to go to the link that is at the bottom.

  • You just have to copy and paste it into your web browser, it will take you directly to mediafire premium account  to download the server.

Finally, in the third step, we have to add the server to the SocksIP Tunnel application, for this we have to follow the following instructions:

Step1: We are going to open the SocksIP Tunnel app, we will enter its menu on the top right, then we will select the option “Import Config”.

Step2: We will look in the folder that the server is downloaded to select it and import it into the app.

Step3: Once this is added we have to click on the "START" button and wait for it to connect.

Step 4: Finally, when you have connected, we are going to minimize the app (leave it open in the background) to start using the internet for free in other apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Chrome, etc.

This is the way to configure and connect SocksIP Tunnel to have free internet in any telephone company in Latin America.

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Download servers for SocksIP Tunnel

I will be looking for more configurations for operators like telcel that give unlimited megabytes , movistar, clear, entel, bitel, cnt, tuenti, weex, tigo, avantel and many more, stay tuned.

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I will also be in search of more methods to have unlimited megabytes in countries like Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Portugal, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic and many more.

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