This is the Deadliest Combo Hero in Mobile Legends



NameThis is the Deadliest Combo Hero in Mobile Legends
Mobile legend combo heroes

1. The first combo is Cecilion and Carmilla.

This one Mage Hero, is indeed a very scary hero for all enemies, right? Cecilion, has the ultimate skill that deals great damage and also recovers his own HP. Well this hero also has a combo skill with Carmilla by calling Cecilion to become Vermil Shadow to possess him and can provide a shield. And Carmilla can also come out of Cecilion’s body to attack the opponent. Now because of this, Cecilion is very suitable when playing with Carmilla. So, when Cecilion’s HP is dying, it can immediately issue Ulty or summon Carmilla to possess it. Cecilion also chose skill one that has an area of ​​effect that can deal great damage and this skill is also used three times as well. And also carmilla has a bloodbath skill that can stun the opponent and also carmilla can throw a cirse of blood which can spread from the opponent it hits to the nearest enemy hero and the hit opponent will share debuff damage and crowd control effects. So the hero combo is very suitable, Carmilla will issue the ultimate skill to the enemy. After the enemy is locked, Cecilion will do damage with skill 1 and if Camilla’s HP is dying, Cecilion can use his combo skill so Carmilla can possess him so that Carmilla is not eliminated. Guaranteed, the enemy will immediately die with the bucin combo skill, Gaess!

2. Second Combo has Tigreal and Pharsa

Tigreal, is an old Mobile Legends hero and a tank whose strength is to be reckoned with. Actually, Tigreal is suitable to play with any hero. However, Pharsa is a very appropriate hero choice, to accompany Tigreal. Because, Tigreal’s 2nd skill knocks up the opponent and his ultimate skill can attract opponents around him and stun them. And combined with skill 3 Pharsa releases Bombardment on the target area for 4 times which can deal enormous damage that will make the enemy die, quickly and easily. Well, give it a try, gaess!

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3. The third combo, there is Chou and Ling.

You are a Mobile Legends player, you should know this Fighter hero. Yep, Chou is a fairly brave hero because this hero is required to be the initiator in the match. Chou, also includes a hero that matches any hero. But it would be better, if Chou combined with Ling. Who doesn’t know hero ling who is very meta in season 16. So when Chou manages to lock the enemy hero, Chou will kick the enemy and immediately issue his ultimate skill. And, Ling will immediately pick up the enemy who was kicked by Chou and immediately issue the ultimate skill and spam with skill 2. Guaranteed, the enemy will die instantly, guys! Hihihi..

4. The fourth combo, there is Selena and Guinevere.

Who doesn’t know, these two heroes were meta in their era but now both are quite meta too. Yep, these two heroes are heroes with the Mage Fighter role and the Mage Assassin role. You know, don’t you? If these two heroes are put together, it will become a hero with a combination that is difficult to beat. So, Selena will be the initiator by issuing her 2nd skill Abyssal Arrow or catfish towards the enemy. When it hits the enemy, immediately use the ultimate primal darkness skill that turns into an assassin and simultaneously Guinevere uses the 2nd Spatial Migration skill that jumps at the enemy and gets airborne. And when hit by an airbone, immediately the ultimate skill and creates a force field around it and causes it to be exposed to the airbone effect again and Guinevere will become immune to crowd control when using this skill. Duh, it’s scary if you’ve been exposed to Selena’s catfish! Ambyar Hihihi..

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5. The fifth combo, Gusion and Kaja.

Gusion and Kaja are the most used midlaner hero combos. When this hero is put together, it will become a hero with a very troublesome combination! Because, these two heroes can eliminate enemies very quickly and easily. So, Kaja will issue his ultimate skill and Gusion will issue his dagger skill combo and, tadaa. Enemy heroes will be instantly eliminated, in an instant. So, beware of these 2 heroes, gang!

That’s it, the hero with the best combination in Mobile Legends, that you must try!
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