10 Most Painful Fighter Heroes Season 21 Mobile Legends



Name10 Most Painful Fighter Heroes Season 21 Mobile Legends

10 Hero Fighters Hurt Mobile Legends Season 21 – Fighter is one of the most flexible roles in the Mobile Legends game because besides being able to become a Damage Dealer for the team, the fighter also has a fairly strong defense, even the fighter can be used as a tank or semi tank even when in battle.

The number of fighters that have been released, of course, there will be many choices of heroes that we can use for the composition of heroes in the team so that they have high compatibility both in fights and combos with other heroes.

Among the many fighters that exist, of course, there are those that are popularly used because they include the Meta hero or Buff that was just done on the hero, so to make it easier for you to determine which hero to use, here are Hero 10 Strongest Fighter Mobile Legends Season 21.

10 Strongest Fighter Heroes in Mobile Legends Season 21

Use a Hero Fighter who has high defense, lifesteal and mobility abilities, this will be useful when you do ganking and team fights. The fighter himself can be the initiator of the war opening or enter in the middle 

01. Alpha

One of the latest updates at this time is in the buff of the veteran alpha hero wherein the updated alpha gets a buff in the form of adding damage attributes, reducing cooldowns and where overall thanks to the buff given now he is starting to be glimpsed back in the game, alpha can be said as a hero who is often underestimated but in fact he has great abilities from high skill regen True Damage, Crowd control, and a fairly short Cool Down skill.

In the current meta, alpha is really strong as an offlaner, that’s because of the skillset it has, besides that alpha is also quite flexible in the use of builds and emblem sets, you can pair builds or emblems that can be counters of the opponent’s hero, so that when a team fight occurs alpha can dominate.

02. Silvanna

Unlike other Hero Fighters who rely on Physical Attack as a Basic Attack like other Hero Fighters, Silvanna is a Hero Fighter with Magic Damage, the Magic Damage generated by this hero is quite painful even against Hero Tanks because of her Passive Skill that can reduce Magic Enemy defense.

Silvanna is one of the heroes who owns the Crowd Control Skill which is very troublesome, and the best for now, the resulting Crowd control cannot be underestimated, especially her Ultimate Skill, with Silvanna’s Skill set making this Hero very strong at 1 vs 1 or when team fights occur.

03. Chou

For now, Chou can be said to be the right choice for the Hero Fighter ranks, the ability to disable and lock it remains a mainstay to paralyze enemy heroes, not to mention Chou is a versatile Fighter hero in filling the void of existing Roles, this hero can be used as Core, Tank, Semi Tank even Hero Support though.

His ability to kidnap enemy Hero Cores will certainly be very useful, especially for the current Meta, his ability to damage existing meta, making this hero very feared when a team fight occurs, so it’s no wonder this hero is in high demand even in the competitive realm. .

04. Jawhead

This robot that is always ridden by a small child cannot be underestimated, in terms of attributes and Skill Set Jawhead has a capable attack and defense ability, he also has a very large Burst Damage and is supported by very strong armor and defense, so it will be very difficult. when dealing with this hero for 1 vs 1.

Jawhead is a versatile Hero, he can be positioned as an Offlaner or as a Support in a team, his ability to kidnap enemy heroes cannot be underestimated, we can see this in the competitive realm of Mobile Legends, where the ability to kidnap from this hero is more reliable than the damage generated.

05. Paquito

Paquito is one of the forbidden heroes to subscribe to Ban this season because this hero has a myriad of skills that allow him to easily dominate in every lane he guards, this hero has huge damage and crazy Crowd Control which is very difficult to deal with, thanks to his abilities. Paquito can freely confine the enemy in the turret and do Cutting minions faster to rotate towards colleagues or take other objectives that the opposing hero cannot take.

In this meta, Paquito is really overpowered, it can even be said that this hero doesn’t have the Absolute Counter of the existing heroes, so it’s only natural that Paquito is so feared that Ban’s actions need to be taken when the Draft pick takes place.

So, those are some of the Worst Hero Fighters that we recommend in season 20. For the record, the heroes we mention are not heroes with IMBA status but heroes who have a complete skill set that can adapt to the current meta, in this article we don’t mean to vilify Another fighter because basically the Pilot or User plays a big role in bringing out the maximum potential of the hero he uses.

06. Lapu Lapu

Lapu Lapu is one of the Veteran heroes who quite steals the attention of its users, this is because of its good performance in several tournaments organized by Mobile Legends. strong even when they have to face 1 vs Everybody as shown by Evos Anti mage at the MPLI event some time ago.

All this madness is not without reason, the large damage and the fairly heavy HP Regen make Lapu Lapu able to do it freely, even worse with his ultimate skill, he can easily target enemy damage dealers who are usually behind the defense, so don’t be surprised if Lapu Lapu is able to randomize the opponent’s defense with just one jump, so it is very natural that Lapu Lapu is included in one of the Worst Hero Fighters in Season 21 of Mobile Legends.

07. Sun

The number of Legacy Heroes or Veterans who are Buffed / Revamped on this Patch makes the Game Play presented even more interesting to play, one of the Veteran Heroes who get Buff / Revamp this season is sun, Dinamo sun now gets the desired skill coveted by every user, Yes Skill Blink or skill moving places is now owned by this Veteran Hero.

Even though he only has 1 additional skill, of course, this will have a big impact on Sun’s success rate in surviving when facing a sudden attack from the opposing Hero Unit, Sun is actually a very deadly Fighter hero, because the Damage, Regen, and Slow produced are very large but it’s very unfortunate Previously this hero did not have the Escape Ability so it was quite easy to kill.

However, with the latest Update Patch, Sun is currently a very strong Offlaner both when surviving at the beginning of the game and being a very valuable asset when entering the late game, so we think it is very natural when Sun enters one of the Worst Hero Fighter Season 21 Mobile Legends.

08. Phoveus

If discussing the Sick Hero Fighter Season 21 Mobile Legends, it seems invalid if Phoveus is not included in the list, Phoveus was a subscription hero to Ban last season and became an auto-pick hero when this hero was separated from the draft ban and pick made by Mobile Legends players. .

Fear of this hero is not without reason, the Skill Set blessed by Phoveus is a Counter Skill of all Heroes who prioritize Escape Ability as a mainstay weapon, so it’s no wonder heroes like Wanwan, Lancelot, Benedetta becomes helpless if Phoveus is used as an opponent.

Phoveus has a quite Unique Skill and Passive where when near a hero who does his Dash Cooldown it will be reset and Phoveus has an Ultimate that can make him move instantly to a hero who blinks, this skill is a terrible specter not only for Assassins, of course for heroes who has a Thin HP that should be able to use Flicker to save himself instead making Flicker a suicide weapon because it is in the area of ​​Phoveus’ Ultimate Skill.

09. Bane

Had become a fighter hero who was not considered and underestimated by mobile legends players, but who would have thought that with just 1 update, Bane’s hero has now become one of the Worst Hero Fighters in season 20 at this time, the Buff that is carried out is not large, only changes in the attributes possessed Previously, Bane could only attack with Physical Attack, now Bane can produce Magical damage as well.

His change as a Hybrid Fighter turned out to be very influential on his skill set, who would have thought the damage produced from Ultimate attacks and other long-range skills was now more deadly, which made him now able to deal great damage from very far distances, even more so when team fights There is damage that is generated which is an area that can kill the opponent’s hero who has thin HP with just one attack.

10. Roger

There is no doubt that Roger deserves to be included in the ranks of the Strongest Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends Season 21, because after experiencing the Revamp a few moments ago, this Hero is used so often. Especially in the current MPL Season 6 tournament, this Hero is so brutally ferocious in eliminating his opponent. .

In the right hands, Roger will become a terrible monster, like when used by Onic Sanz who managed to get KDA 14-016, even recently RRQ Albert obtained the First Savage since MPL Season 6 was first held using Roger.

Roger is a very brutal hero, both from Attack Speed ​​and Damage generated, coupled with fairly high mobility, making Roger very often used as Hyper Crry in the current meta. then it is only natural that roger is called one of the Strongest Hero Fighters in Mobile Legends in Season 21.

Well That’s 10 Hurt Hero Fighter Mobile Legends Season 21 that you can use to Push Rank in this Season, the Hero mentioned is a hero who can help the team from various aspects without intending to vilify other Hero Fighters, because basically, the emergence of the OverPower ability of the hero used depends on the Pilot or The user of the hero.

Of the heroes we mentioned, is there a hero that is your mainstay?? or if you have Other Recommended Heroes let us know in the comments column.

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