Difference between Radiant Armor and Athena's Shield Mlbb



NameDifference between Radiant Armor and Athena's Shield Mlbb

Difference between Radiant Armor and Athena’s Shield Mlbb – Some time ago moonton has added a number of new item features in the mobile legends game. The addition of new items has indeed become a routine agenda carried out by Moonton. In addition to items, the developer of this popular moba game also always updates the list of heroes that can be played.

This makes the game more interesting and less boring. In addition, the addition of item features will affect the gameplay making the game more challenging. Well, this time we will discuss about one of these items. But more on topic Difference between Radiant Armor and Athena’s Shield Mlbb. Like what the info is, check the following.

Here’s the Difference between Radiant Armor and Athena’s Shield Mlbb

One of the new items that have been added in the mobile legend game is radiant armor. This is an item that is said to be a problem for mages. Talking about items that make it difficult for mages, Athena’s shield is also included. Neither radiant armor nor Athena’s shield, both are very good counter mage items. So what is the difference between the two items? This topic will be discussed further. Many ml players are also curious, which one of the two items is superior.

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Radiant armor is an item that can provide an additional +800 HP, then an additional magical defense of +52, and an additional HP Regen of up to +12. In addition, it also has a unique passive (Holy Blessing) which can provide an additional 4 to 11 points of magic damage reduction when getting magic damage. This effect will last for 3 seconds and can stack up to 6x. So the player will only feel pain on the first mage attack, in the next attack the player will not feel pain. This item is perfect for countering mage attacks. The right hero to use this radiant armor item is the one with the least cooldown, namely the tank hero type. So that you can continuously issue skills in a fairly short period of time. The recommended heroes are Alice, Cyclop, Vlir, Lunox, Ceccilion, Chang’e, Lilya, Luo Yi, and Yve.

Athena’s shield is an item that can give +900 HP, additional magical defense +62, and HP Regen up to +4. Has a unique passive (Shiel) that can reduce magic damage received by up to 25% in 5 seconds. This effect will activate every time it receives magic damage from the enemy. So it’s the same as in radiant armor, where the pain will only be felt at the beginning, the next attack will no longer feel the pain. This item is suitable for dealing with burst damage attacks from top class mages. This item is also suitable for use by tank heroes, so that it is able to withstand the mage’s attacks more strongly and can protect other members.

From the explanation of the two items above, the main differences can be seen. That is on the resulting stack. This means that radiant armor can stack up to 6x so that it can withstand continuous magic damage. This is different from Athena’s shield item which is superior in increasing its HP and magical defense. For the addition of its HP regen, radiant armor is far superior.

Well that’s an interesting explanation about Difference between Radiant Armor and Athena’s Shield Mlbb. So both radiant armor and athens’s shield have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Just adjust to the needs of the player only. Which anti-mage item do you want to use?

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