Location of Sea Ganoderma Kazuha New Material Genshin Impact



NameLocation of Sea Ganoderma Kazuha New Material Genshin Impact

Location of Sea Ganoderma Kazuha Material – Kazuha, which travelers have been waiting for, has arrived on June 29, 2022 in the game Genshin Impact. The support character, which can also be used as a sub DPS, has indeed become a topic of discussion in the traveler community. Kazuha is an Anemo user from Inazuma village.

Regarding this new character, of course, players need to update material for Kazuha. Reportedly the item sea ganoderma is Kazuha’s material. For that, this article will discuss about Location of Sea Ganoderma Kazuha Material the latest in the game genshin impact. Travelers who are curious, immediately docked.

Sea Ganoderma Item Is

Before going to the main discussion about the location of the item sea ganoderma, we will first explain about the item. Sea Ganoderma is a type of plant that can only grow in certain areas or islands around the ocean. At first glance it looks like a fungus but comes from substances that are excreted from soft-bodied organisms. To get this item, you do it by farming in locations that store these items. Sea Ganoderma is a new level up material for the character Kazuha. This item respawns every 2 days. To be able to do a full Kazuha character update, a total of 168 Ganoderma sea items are needed.

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Explanation of the Location of Sea Ganoderma Kazuha Material Genshin Impact

From the latest available information, a number of locations have been found that store sea ganoderma items. To make the search for this item easier, here are a number of steps and instructions about the location of the sea ganoderma. You just have to follow these steps,

  • The main location for sea ganoderma items is at the Golden Apple Archipelago. You can find it around the beach, plants from the sand, in shallow water, and in everything else in the Golden Apple archipelago. In one cluster you can find 2 to 3 items, then it will grow back after 48 hours or two days.
  • As for the location of the islands in question, namely, in the broken isle there are 18 pieces of sea ganoderma. Then in the twinning isle there are 13 ganoderma. Then in Pudding Isle there are a total of 16 pieces of Sea Ganoderma. And finally on Minacious isle there are a total of 10 sea ganoderma.
  • By doing thorough farming in the locations mentioned above, a total of 57 sea ganoderma can be obtained. This item has a bright and shining blue color appearance, so it can be easily recognized especially when in shallow water.
  • The Golden Apple Island will disappear after version 1.6 ends. So take advantage of the current time to immediately collect sea ganoderma items according to the terms of the upgrade. However, there are rumors that the item sea ganoderma might also be present in the new area of ​​Kazuha’s home village, Inazuma
  • Currently, Sea Ganoderma has no crafting usage. And as explained above, it takes a total of 168 sea ganoderma to raise Kazuha to a maximum level of 90. For that, what can now be done is to do full farming every two days. In this way, make the most of the available time.

That’s the info about Location of Sea Ganoderma Kazuha Material latest genshin impact. There is no info yet whether this item will also be material for other new characters. Well, that’s all that can be discussed this time, see you in another new game article update.

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