The Latest Gloo Wall Angel Wings FF Skin, Info and How to Get It



NameThe Latest Gloo Wall Angel Wings FF Skin, Info and How to Get It

Gloo Wall Angel Wings skin FF – Free fire is a very successful battle royal survival game in Indonesia. The number of active players for this game in the country is very large. The fame of this game certainly cannot be separated from its interesting content. Garena ff always makes updates and additions, starting from items, features, events, and more.

This time free fire is releasing a number of new items, one of which is Skin Gloo Wall Angel Wings FF. The new gloo wall skin has actually been discussed about the leak. Well, this time we will discuss more about how to get these items. Survivors who were curious, immediately docked.

New Gloo Wall Angel Wings FF Skin

Gloo wall is an item like a grenade that when thrown will emit smoke, like a cloud, making it difficult for the enemy to know the details of the player’s position. Gloo wall has become one of the popular items in ff games lately. The item already has a number of interesting skins. The newest one is the skin gloo wall angelic wings. This skin when used will display smoke with the effect of a beautiful wing image. This is a gloo wall skin that is the target of players.

So not only can you protect from enemy attacks, but you can also look cool using this skin. Angelic is also a popular set in this game. So don’t be surprised if many want to get the skin. Before it was officially released on the main server, this skin had appeared on the advanced server. When it first appeared on the advanced server, the response of the fans was also good. So it wasn’t long before this skin was finally released on the main server.

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How to get this Gloo Skin

Many are curious to know how to get the new gloo wall skin. It turns out that the method is quite simple, namely by doing a spin on the latest event in ff, namely Magic Arrow. This was an unprecedented event, so this was the first time. According to the schedule, the magic arrow event will start from June 29, 2022 and end on July 5, 2022. At that event, the main prize is the Hiphop Angel bundle. That is the female version of the Rapper Angel bundle.

This bundle belongs to the angelic category which is also the same country as the skin gloo wall angelic wings. The new bundle is also the target of fans. Well, about how to spin in the new magic arrow event, the rules are quite easy. Here are the instructions,

  1. Login in the free fire game with the account you normally play.
  2. Then look for the event menu, and open the main page of the magic arrow event.
  3. After that, the option will appear to spin 1x or spin 5x immediately.
  4. The price of 1x spin is 20 diamonds, and the price of 5x spins is 80 diamonds.
  5. For the gloo wall angelic wings skin prize, you can get it directly through spin.
  6. As for the main prize, the hiphop angelic bundle can only be obtained by collecting coins according to the applicable rules. The coins are earned through spins.

In addition to coins and Skin Gloo Wall Angel Wings FF, there are also other spin prizes in the form of discounts. So, that was the info on how to get the newest Angelic Wings Gloo Wall skin. Hopefully the explanation above can help survivors who want to get the skin.

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